Thursday, August 06, 2009

Isaiah's 18 month appointment

Its been a few weeks since I've updated the blog, and that's mainly because I really haven't found any time as of late. Even with the time I had off from work, with all of the parties and booked weekends we've had, it's just been tough to get a moment to share news about the "little" ones. Now that I find myself with a minute, here goes....

So Isaiah hit the 18 month mark yesterday, and he also had his 18 month doctor appointment (complete with his final two shots until his 2nd birthday). Though he's been fighting an ugly cough these past few weeks, the doctor said that everything looked great and that our little man was right on target. He was quite surprised that Isaiah was talking so much, and we figured that Isaiah started talking a lot more than Makenna did at this stage. Then again, he does have her to follow, and with that, he's also picked up some of her habits (but that's another story)! Isaiah wasn't in the best of moods at the doctor's office, maybe because deep down he knew he was getting a couple of shots? Nevertheless, the doctor let us know that all was well with Isaiah's development. Getting up to, and past, this milestone is a relief, and things can only get better from this point forward. It's such a relief to finally get past the initial baby stage and get him prepared for his terrible two's! Let's see how we handle when the little man begins acting out! Here are his latest measurements:

Weight = 25 pounds (50th percentile)
Height = 31.25 inches (25th percentile)
Head = 44 cm (60th percentile)

Looking back at Makenna's 18 month numbers, we were a bit surprised. At this stage, she was 1 pound heavier, 1 inch taller, and her head was 2 cm smaller. Though the differences in their measurments are minimal, the differences in their personalities is distinguishable! It's hard to tell exactly which of the two will be the mellow one. Only time will tell...

Isaiah at 18 months (Makenna took this picture)

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