Friday, August 21, 2009


So it seems that our little two-some are becoming more and more like one another. Though Makenna is 11 months older, some people still think we have twins! Just looking at them, it's pretty obvious they're not, with Makenna going through another quick growth spurt and standing almost a whole head taller than Isaiah.

The two are fun to watch as they do their own thing, though it seems that whatever they're doing, it needs to be done together. Isaiah still has the short attention span of a boy, and will change activities every few minutes or so. He's still into anything and everything about cars, and will play with his toy cars as long as his sister is nearby. Makenna's new thing is sitting up on her bed or the couch while reading books. No matter where she posts up, Isaiah is right by her, doing whatever. It's almost a security blanket for the both of them. Makenna can practice her "reading" so long as her brother is there as her mini audience, and Isaiah will play quietly as long as he can hear Makenna rambling on and on. It's funny how well the two mesh.

On the flip-side though, they can both work each other's nerves, and that's really and understatement! Neither one can live without the other, but on a bad day, they really know how to get under each other's skin. As much as Makenna tells us she loves her brother, and that she wants to give him hugs and kisses, she'll do things on purpose just to annoy him. If there's a pile of books, she'll always grab the ones she wants first and that doesn't bother the little man because he'll usually find one of interest left in the pile. Whatever book he grabs will instantly become the one that Makenna wants, and she'll immediately take it from Isaiah causing him to cry. But Isaiah knows what to do to upset Makenna as well. He's somehow learned to push her away and say no to her for almost anything. Anytime she wants to show him some love, he'll whine and scream "noooooo!" That in itself makes Makenna mad, so she'll still try to hug or kiss her brother, not realizing that she's smothering him in the process! Then Isaiah gets really irritated and by that time, one of us has to intervene. I guess it's all a part of growing up, and for now, we'll just have to deal with the little annoyances and just help the two learn and understand. Happy Friday everyone!

Believe it or not, Isaiah's "annoyed" look was NOT caused by Makenna!

Makenna's angelic little smirk

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