Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Back to the grind on this sunny Tuesday morning, and it's hard to believe that it's supposed to rain for the remainder of the week! We've had such a nice run of great weather, we almost forgot that we're still in the heart of winter. We took advantage of the sunny weather along with our extra day off, and took the kids to the park for a little "fun time!" Normally we take the double stroller with us, and Isaiah gets stuck in the back seat, so half of his view is of the back of Makenna's head. This time, we brought the single stroller for the little man, and he felt like a king in it! He had a BLAST being in it by himself with the wind in his face. We didn't get but 10 feet and he was already shrieking with delight! Kinda hard to believe since all we were doing was pushing him in the stroller. What a funny little man we have! Makenna had the liberty of being out on her own, without the confines of the stroller. She ran freely on the grass, and had a great time on the jungle gym - all by herself! It's fun to watch Kenna play, because she does so in such a manner that she has absolutely no care in the world. Ahhh, what I wouldn't give to be so care-free again!

Isaiah's been a bit on the picky side with his eating again, and for us that could only mean one thing - he's teething again. We're not quite sure which teeth are coming in, but we've been finding him with his hands in his mouth when he's not eating. When he does decide to eat, he's really temperamental and only wants to feed himself. He does enjoy when Makenna feeds him, almost like they're bonding, but he gets tired of that too. Makenna, on the other hand, doesn't know when to stop feeding him, and will almost force the spoon in his mouth! Aside from his teething woes, he's still not grasping the whole walking thing. We've caught him on occasion, standing up by himself, but he just can't seem to figure out how to get started! If we help him out, he'll take a few steps on his own, but then he gets frustrated and immediately gets back down to crawling. So now he's up to about 4-5 steps unassisted. We're not trying to rush him into walking, but we know he has it in him, and we can see that he wants to follow Kenna everywhere!

This weekend we introduced Makenna to her "big girl bed." She was SO excited at first, and was going around saying "bed" all day! We figured she was ready for it because she was starting to look a little cramped in her crib. After we set it up, the excitement was still there as she crawled and jumped around on the mattress. When it came time to put her down for the night, she sang a different tune. It was almost as if her security blanket had been taken from her. Gone were the four secure walls of her humble abode, and in it's place was this foreign, full-size, big girl bed. It was like everything she had grown to understand had been taken from her! Poor thing! Enz did her best to calm her down, but even after reading her a bedtime story, she wasn't convinced, and she called out for me. After reading to her from one of her favorite books (Ramona the Pest), I was able to talk to her and tell her how lucky she was to be in a big girl bed. I don't know what it was that I said to her, but she was sold! It could be that she finally got tired or just wanted me to be quiet already, but whatever it was, it made her so happy to be in that bed! Of course, now she only wants me to put her down at night, but I'm sure that'll change pretty soon!

Kenna showing her brother some love...

Isaiah's new smile when he sees the camera...
Makenna in her "big girl" bed

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