Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy Friday

It was a bit of a scary thing with the little man last night; something that I hoped would never occur even though the doctor mentioned that it was normal and that it may happen. During one of his crying fits, Isaiah held his breath and literally passed out. I was a bit shocked that it happened, and kinda freaked out when I saw him fall backwards in slow motion onto his back. He didn't hurt himself, which was a good thing, and he snapped out of it almost immediately which was an even better thing. Whew!

I've mentioned that Isaiah's been in a great mood as of late, but yesterday was an exception. A bug has been lingering in our home these last couple of weeks, and it seems that Isaiah's caught it again. That explains why he was so clingy when Enz left for work yesterday. Auntie Gina watched the kids and she said Isaiah cried in the morning, but finally mellowed out later. When I got home, he was pretty chipper, even though he missed his afternoon nap. The kids played together quietly while I got things ready for the evening. It wasn't until Makenna had to go to the bathroom that it started to unravel. When I left Isaiah to play by himself in the family room, he threw a fit. Sometimes when he cries hard he'll hold his breath, and this time was the clencher. UGH!

Later on in the evening, something set Isaiah off, and he ended up holding his breath again. This time Enza was home so she got to witness another close call. Although he didn't pass out a second time, he did hold his breath again, so much so that his lips turned blue. By that time he was exhausted and he had no problems getting to sleep for the night. We'll keep an eye on him, and hope that he doesn't continue this freaky little habit. I don't care how "normal" the doctor says it is among children his age, it's still scary! Happy Friday!

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