Monday, January 26, 2009

Elmo lovers

As we near the end of the first month of 2009, we can't help but be a bit perplexed on how quickly time is passing. Not really so much on this new year, but that our little big man will be a year old in about a week and a half! Not only that, but Makenna will be reaching another milestone and will be turning two in about 6 weeks! It almost makes me feel old when I use the cliché "they grow up so fast." Nevertheless, they'll still be our little babies no matter how quickly they grow, how mature they seem, or how big they get!

This past weekend, we went out dancing with "Uncle Ricky" and "Auntie Gina" in celebration of both of their birthdays. Auntie Emily & Auntie Yelena watched the little munchkins while we were out. Kenna has always been the easy one when it comes to babysitting, and this time was no exception. Since the evening started a little later, we were able to put Isaiah down before we left. We figured he'd be down for the count by the time the night got started, leaving the two with Makenna. Something happened with little Zae man later that night, and he wasn't having a good time at all. When we checked in after midnight, Emily told us that Zae wouldn't go back to sleep and that he was having a hard time soothing himself. We were almost ready to call it a night, but Emily assured us that they could handle it. We stayed out for a couple more hours or so, and when we got home, Isaiah was asleep in Yelena's arms, wrapped up like a big baby =) They finally got him to relax and fall asleep, but they didn't want to put him down for fear he'd wake up again. So they just held onto him, and he looked SOOOO peaceful! Good lookin' out guys, you did a great job! He woke up Saturday morning, a little later than his usual 5:30am, and he was in a terrific mood - go figure! The rest of the weekend was cake, and even though he's still battling a runny nose & congestion, he was in great spirits

Isaiah chillin' on the Elmo chair

Makenna reppin' her latest in Elmo fashion

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