Friday, December 19, 2008

"Pre-Christmas" for the kids

Auntie Sarah came by yesterday with gifts for the kids, and since there was a chance that we wouldn't see her on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, we decided to have the kids open up their gifts from her. Isaiah didn't know what to do with himself, as he stood there and hit the boxes like drums. He's still making attempts to stand up and balance all by himself, so that seemed to be his focus, even with the gifts around him. Makenna, being the seasoned pro she is, knew exactly what to do, and how to do it as she tore the wrapping paper off the gifts. She didn't immediately jump into it like some kids do, and it was almost as if she thought she'd get in trouble for being hyperactive or something! But once she got started, she was all about opening gifts! It'll be fun to watch these two on Christmas Day!

Both kids came out like winners thanks to the thoughtful generosity of Auntie Sarah! They both got some cool and fashionable outfits as well as their very own personalized piggy banks! Makenna already knows the drill when it comes to putting money in her piggy bank, while Isaiah tried to put the piggy bank in his mouth! What a great way for these two to start the holiday season =) Thanks Auntie Sarah!!!

Isaiah has the "what am I supposed to do" look on his face..."Hmmm, I wonder if it tastes like pork?"
Makenna loves her new piggy bank......and she already knows the basics on how to save money!

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Mitch, Aileen and Amelie said...

Those piggy banks are so adorable. Where did "Auntie Sarah" get them?