Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy 10 months Isaiah!

So another day at home with the kids & it's a cold one. Right before Enz left for work we realized that hey, Isaiah's 10 months today! What a trip that our little man will be a year old in just a couple more months! Not only that, Makenna will be 21 months on Sunday, and she'll be two years old in three months! Wow, we really can't believe how quickly time flies...

Isaiah is getting a lot more comfortable being up on his feet. Although he's not walking on his own just yet, he is taking more risks as he cruises around the room along the furniture. He has a walk-behind type walker, and he's gotten pretty ballsy with that on more than one occasion. It seems that making all these attempts to walk tire the little guy out, and by the time he gets to bed, he's spent! We're not pushing him, he's just taking off on his own, and at this rate, he may walk by the end of the year! If not, it's all good, there's no rush. We're pretty sure that Makenna can't wait for him to be able to run around with her causing chaos and havoc around the house! Happy Friday & have a great weekend =)

The spoon Isaiah uses to eat a light meal...

Makenna's fashion safety eyewear (she wanted to help Daddy & Nonno install the new slider)

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