Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5th Annual Camero Christmas Party

Ahhhhh, now that our party has come and gone, we can finally relax and enjoy the remainder of the holiday season! Our 5th Annual Christmas Party was a hit this year, and I'm pretty sure we reached capacity at our house. Getting everything ready this year wasn't as stressful as previous years, even with two young kids running around. Perhaps Enz & I have finally found a rhythm to get things going on time, but whatever it was, made the night a fun and memorable one!

This year, there were a lot more children, and it almost seemed like everyone who came through the door had at least one! It didn't take long for the kids to break away and do their own thing, as the adults did much of the same. Makenna had a blast and got to play with little girls her own age! She's used to being around her boy cousins, but this night, she got to be a "little girl!" Not much changed as she did her own thing anyway, go figure! Isaiah wasn't in the best of moods due mainly in part to his teething. Of all days it hit him bad, it HAD to be on the day where we needed him to be "social." Oh well, he was able to mellow out at times, but for the most part, he wanted the comfort of his Mommy. Enz took it in stride and put Isaiah in his carrier, so he was literally "hanging out" with Mommy!

This year, Santa was on a bit of Filipino time, but it worked out perfectly as it gave everyone time to get settled in with the kids. Santa looked as if he had spent some time on the islands with his "bain de soleil for the St. Tropez" tan. And who would've ever known that he was a Dolphins fan?!! Hahahaha! He did his best to accommodate all the children this year, at least the ones who were willing to sit on the jolly old fat man's lap. And while a great majority of the kids were scared of him, Isaiah & Wesley were really the only ones who cried! Makenna was a little confused with Santa because he kind of looked like Daddy, and kind of sounded like Daddy, but she took no chances and kept her distance. A lot of kids were able to get past Santa's intimidating appearance to let him know that they had been good this year. I'm pretty sure Santa will visit all these kids again next year, so hopefully I'll be around to meet him too!

Isaiah in a good mood prior to the festivities

Makenna can't wait for the kids to arrive...

Makenna tries to make sense of Miami Santa

Isaiah is NOT feeling Santa Claus!

Marisol tugs on Santa's beard

And twin sister Mariposa does the same!

Wesley wants off of Santa's lap!

Kaelyn appears to fear Santa too...

Amelie takes her visit with Santa like a big girl!

Kevan tells Santa that he's been a good boy!

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