Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Updates on the kids...

We took Isaiah to his follow up appointment this morning, and they needed to do more lab work to determine the level of his jaundice. We were hoping that it would start it's decline, but we got a call from the doctor and he told us that the level remained the same. He also mentioned that it's not a cause for worry just yet, and that we should continue to do what we're doing.

Our poor little guy is going through the same stuff that his big sister went through. I guess it wasn't a big surprise to the doctor that Isaiah had the same complications as Makenna. We're just taking it in stride for now, because we've been here before.

At home, Makenna is really getting into her role as big sister. She's grown very fond of her baby brother, and will kiss him on the head any chance she gets! She always points to him, and it almost sounds as if she's making attempts at saying his name. In the mornings, she looks for him before she goes off and plays with her toys. We haven't seen any jealousy to speak of, but it's still too early to tell. Not that we're hoping for it, but it's just something that we may have to deal with sooner or later. For now, we can tell that she loves having the little guy around!

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