Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Friday! Isaiah's 10 days old!

Little Isaiah had yet another appointment this morning, to follow up on his jaundice. We've pretty much been very aggressive with his phototherapy at home, in hopes that the exposure to the light will help decrease his bilirubin level. And the times when he's not on the light, we have him sleeping in the sun. Like I said before, deja vu.

Well we got the call from Isaiah's doctor, and this time he had very good news for us. All of our efforts are finally beginning to pay off. Isaiah's bilirubin level had dropped 3 points, and it's now pretty close to being at the "normal" range for a newborn child. We've been instructed to continue the phototherapy for the next day or so, and then they can determine if he'll be done with that light. Frankly we're really tired of having to subject the little one to that equipment, but if it means that it'll make him get to a manageable state, then we're all for it. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we've seen the worst of his jaundice, and that it's on the down swing.

Happy Friday! Happy Friday indeed! Have a great weekend!

**check out Isaiah's mohawk (faux-hawk)!!!**

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