Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun comparisons...

It's been an interesting three weeks so far having two young kids in the house. And while we're still trying to get used to getting up every 3-4 hours for Isaiah, Makenna has added a new dynamic to her personality that has really begun to try our patience. She's started to throw little tantrums every now and then, but we haven't figured out why. I don't think we hold her back from much of anything, and it's still a little too early to determine if it's jealousy, although we don't think that's it. Who knows?

Anyway, little Isaiah is growing like a weed. He's doing a lot of the things that Makenna did when she was under a month old, and that's how we're gauging his development. Isaiah is fairly alert of his surroundings, especially after he's been fed. He loves staring at things, especially if they're red. He enjoys falling asleep on mommy's or daddy's chest, and like any other baby, will scream when he's hungry. He's beginning to smile a lot more, and just started to show that he enjoys the kisses that his sister showers him with. Physically, we can tell he's grown because he's starting to feel more solid. Even his head size is catching up to that of his sister's!

Just for fun, I was able to find some pics that we took of Isaiah that resemble those we took of Makenna. Hope you enjoy the comparisons of our babies!

Sleeping Beauty #1

Sleeping Beauty #2

Makenna's Italian pose

Isaiah's Italian pose

Makenna's first bath

Isaiah's first bath

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