Friday, March 02, 2007

Playing the waiting game...

Well, so far one of our wishes came true-we'll be having a March baby, making us the March family =) Not that big of a deal, but nevertheless, pretty cool.

Still no baby at this time though. We've increased our walks, which I've noticed have started to take their toll on Enz. Who am I fooling? I think I get tired before she does! It's almost like all that cardio didn't help me for $hit! Hehehe... Yesterday was probably the first time I've heard Enz really complain about feeling uncomfortable. The weight of her belly is doing a number on her back, and these past few nights she hasn't really slept well. All the stuff that others have told her to watch out for seemed to have just started a couple of days ago. Go figure!

We're keeping our fingers crossed that something special will happen this weekend. God knows the little peanut wants to come out and play. Besides, we're pretty certain that the inside of Enza's belly is permanently bruised!

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