Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy 2 weeks already?!!

So it's really hard to believe how quickly time has gone for our family. It's been a while since I last posted. As of this posting, our little Makenna is two weeks old! Funny how time flies when you're having fun, right?

It's been a real eye opener since the first day we brought her home. Those of you who have been following our journey already know that Makenna had an elevated level of jaundice which prevented her from coming home when she was supposed to. Of course, the staff at the hospital worked diligently to help bring Makenna's level down, and by the next day, she was able to come home with us.

She's been home with us for the last week and a half, and we're all still getting adjusted to the new schedule. Of course Makenna is oblivious to all the changes we've made to work around her, but that's how life works. From what everyone tells us, things almost always are expected to change once you "think" you get on top of a situation. Oh the joys of being a parent!

As of this post, Makenna has reached the 9 pound mark, and has grown 3/4ths of an inch! I guess since we see her daily it's a little hard to see the changes. But being around her so much, we're able to see her progress and become more in tune with her surroundings! We'll do our best to keep the updates coming, although they may be few & far between. Keep checking back, and hopefully the little one can put a smile on your face with one of her goofy little smirks, or just a story we tell.

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