Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Still waiting...

This past weekend was fairly eventful in regards to finalizing all of the baby stuff. Enz & I were able to get all the exchanges done for the duplicate gifts we received, and also completed the missing odds & ends from the registry. I hung up the blinds in the baby room, and Enz got all the crib bedding together and set it all into the crib. Although the baby won't be sleeping in her crib just yet, Enz really wanted to see how it would all come together. I think she made an excellent choice!

Moving into the 38th week, I've noticed that fatigue really sets in early with Enz. She has already started to waddle, and her "nesting" instinct has kicked into high gear. At times this weekend, I wasn't able to keep up with her, and was even a bit worried that she would run herself into the ground. But like a trooper, she kept at it, and didn't stop until she was done with what she was doing. The baby hasn't dropped any more since the last time, at least that's how Enz feels. She has yet to experience the whole "lightening" of her belly, in fact, she's still got a lot of heartburn. I feel bad for her because she can't eat without getting stomach issues, and it's not so much what she eats, or the quantity, it's just that there's no room for anything. It's almost as if she can get heartburn from a half glass of water! UGH!

Now that Enz is home, she can focus on getting her thoughts together for the big day. God knows she's got everything else prepared!!

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