Friday, February 16, 2007

And on this week...

Not much has happened this past week, just our weekly routine. Although this was Enza's last week at work, I think she realized that there's more work ahead of us on the home front-self inflicted, of course! No complaints though, besides, who'd listen anyway?

Last weekend we had another baby shower for the little one, and needless to say, she was spoiled AGAIN! It's all good, and we wanted to thank everyone for coming and making it yet another fun time! I'd say "let's do it again," but where would we put all her stuff? =)

We also had another weekly appointment this week, and the doctor got to see the little peanut in all her belly deforming action! Its almost like she was playing a game with the doctor because she would push out a body part, and when the doctor would put her hand on it, she'd pull away. Early stages of hide and seek? I think so!

Week 37 is coming to a close and we look forward to continuing our countdown. What is it, something like 15 days left? WOW!

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