Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Special thanks

As we move forward at a steady pace, we're noticing that a lot of people have already started in helping us to "spoil" our little peanut. Whether it be money in her little bank, a cool little "peanut" onesie, one of her stuffed toys, or even one of her little dresses, she's already getting that sense of belonging to such a warm and generous family. We can't even begin to thank everyone for these kind gestures, but hopefully you all know how truly grateful we are! And if our little peanut could talk, we're sure she'd be just as speechless as we are!

Enz is now in her third trimester, in fact, we have our final monthly appointment today. Peanut's movements are as consistent as ever, but now Enz is noticing a lot more of the full body movements as the little one continues to grow and stretch her limbs. The appointments will now move to every two weeks, and with that, we just inch closer and closer to the birth of our little one.

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