Friday, December 01, 2006

Dancing Queen

Happy Friday! Even more so, Happy December! With only 24 days left until Christmas, times should be getting hectic from this point forward. Anyway, last night, our little "Dancing Queen" was at it again, only this time in a BIG way! Not only was she doing her hourly routine of kicks and punches, she had a lot of what Enz calls "stretching" going on. Nothing new, it's just that now she's doing it more consistently, and Enz is always trying to get me to feel every movement.

What's funny is that there's times where she'll immediately respond to me-whether it be my touch or my voice, she'll let me know she's there. Other times it's like we're playing hide and seek, and she'll take more coaxing for me to get a reaction. Already playing games at such a young age, what a trip!

The difference with last night was that she had some serious stretching or moving spurts. One time, Enz actually saw her belly expand and then go back down. I missed that one, but immediately after, we saw her moving again, this time a little slower. To me it was like watching the lava moving in a lava lamp. Makes me wonder what's really going on inside the confines of mama's belly? Hmmmm...

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