Saturday, December 23, 2006

Patty cake or Pat-a-cake... Whatever it's called...

So Peanut's got a new game she plays with me when she's up early in the morning, because that's when she wants to play. When Enz tells me she's kicking or punching, I'll put my hands on her belly and tap back. What she's doing now is answering whenever I tap, which is kinda trippin' me out a little. So now Enz asks her if she wants to play "patty-cake" with her Daddy. Pretty cool!

We also had a new experience this morning. Enz was awake and rolled from her side onto her back. All of a sudden she said "whoa, that was weird." Initially she thought I had placed my hand on her belly, so she was actually reaching for my hand but found that it wasn't there. What she felt was the baby's hand or foot moving across her belly, only this time she said it really felt like a hand or foot. She woke me up and had me watch her stomach, so I immediately started with the whole patty-cake thing, and sure enough, it got the little one going! What a trip!!!

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