Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh the things you'll see...

Wow, its been quite a long while since I've had the chance to update the world on the kids - its been about 5 months too long, almost to the day! Anyhow, we've gone through and done so much since my last post, it'll be difficult to try to squeeze it all in one shot. So for now, here's just a short list of what we've done and where we've been... The biggest thing we did this year was take our very first family vacation. And I'm not talking a weekend drive down the coast, or just a quick visit out of town, I mean a real vacation. Though many people told us to wait for the kids to get a little older, we opted to take our first family trip to Disneyland! What a great time we had! The kids were beside themselves, and with so much to take in, it was sensory overload for their little minds! Makenna got to meet almost all the princesses she's read about, and Isaiah got his fill with the Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story rides! While the trip was exhausting, both mentally and physically, a great time was had and sweet memories were made!

During our Disneyland trip, Isaiah surprised us all with his desire to advance with his potty training! Not quite sure what the spark was that set him off, but since our return, he's been on point with doing his duty! I think he caught on to it faster than his sister did. They say that boys are harder to train, but I beg to differ, at least in this case. At the time of this post, he's been diaper free for approximately 7 weeks and still going strong! We are so proud of him and continue to applaud his drive! YOU GO BOY!!!

Isaiah's ready for anything!

Makenna & Isaiah meet Belle

Makenna was one of the flower girls in yet another family wedding this summer. Her current count @ 3 years old is up to 3 weddings now. That averages out to one wedding per year! She's definitely catching up to her mommy with how many weddings she'd been a bridesmaid! Isaiah wasn't in this wedding, though he did look absolutely handsome in his new Barong Tagalog!

Isaiah rockin' his new Barong Tagalog

Flower girls Makenna & Patricia with junior bridesmaid Alexis

Makenna has officially started preschool. Talk about a hard pill to swallow! We can hardly believe that our "baby" has grown so quickly, and that she's taken that first step of her scholastic life. Sure its "only" preschool, but it provides a whole new opportunity for her to grow and develop as she explores daily life outside the home. Wow, even though we've been preparing for this, we're still in disbelief. She's already made some terrific connections, and its only her second week! The first Friday of the school year was picture day, and we can't wait to see how those pictures turned out!

Isaiah's been more on the mellow side at home now that he doesn't have his sister constantly picking on him. That's not to say that they fight all the time, but it seems that Kenna knows that she's got the edge on Isaiah, age-wise that is, so she exploits it. Sibling rivalry in its purest form I guess! Don't get me wrong, though. He does miss his "sissy" during the day, but having some one-on-one time with myself, mommy, or grandma means a lot to the little man!

Makenna happily walks to class with mommy

Isaiah wishing Makenna luck on her first day

Makenna getting ready for her first day at preschool

Finally, we kept up with the family tradition and took the camping at Manresa State Beach this past Labor Day weekend. Though we only camped for one night, and as tiring as it was, the kids had a blast! And of course, on the day we left, the weather was more than perfect without a cloud in the sky. Go figure! The weather at the beach is always so unpredictable, but since we all enjoy it, we hope to keep this tradition alive for the years to come.

Kenna runs on the beach

Isaiah prefers to stay dry and just play in the sand

So that's all for now, or at least until I find the time to get back on track. I hope to keep posting as the year comes to a close, so stay tuned =)

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