Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring time

It seems that my posts are becoming few and far between, but it's not for lack of content nor the desire to write about the kids. It's mainly due to a lack of time these days. When I find myself with a free moment, the first thing I like to do is catch my breath because it seems like there's always something happening, or we're always on the go. As the kids grow older, I'm sure things will become a lot more hectic, so I'm jumping on the opportunity now to take a moment and "smell the roses" so to speak =)

Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote about the kids' birthday party. Here's what the kids have been through, in a nutshell:

- Makenna finally became FULLY potty-trained! YEA! She corrects us every time we mention her name and the word diaper in the same sentence.
- Makenna got accepted to preschool, and will begin this coming Fall. She is so excited to be around lots of new kids, and in a new environment. We're both so proud of her. I'm sure the tears will flow that first day (from Mommy), but nevertheless, we know she's been ready for this next stage in life!
- Isaiah has started to learn to use the toilet, all on his own. He's been letting us know when he has to go #1, and will even initiate it by walking into the bathroom while attempting to pull off his diaper. One morning he woke up completely naked and told us he had to go pee-pee as he casually strolled into our bathroom! What a clown!
- Isaiah has finally come out of his shell, and is no longer the "shy kid" of the family. Then again, neither one of them are, so it's been good to see Isaiah become so outgoing and outspoken! It seems that he's doing and discovering things faster and at an earlier time than his sister. But that's to be expected since he has her as his "mentor!"

As the warmer months rapidly approach, we're all looking forward to the time we'll spend together as a family, doing all the family stuff. This summer we're taking our first family vacation, and the kids are already SO excited! We can't wait to see their faces light up when we take that first step into Disneyland, and you know our camera will see it's share of work on that vacation!

Isaiah's silly face

Makenna's silly face

posing on Easter morning

The Camero Family - Easter 2010

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