Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009

Wow, how quickly the holiday season came and went! Not long after saying "Happy Thanksgiving," we were counting the days until Christmas. Once that passed, we counted the remaining days of 2009 and welcomed 2010 with open arms. Now we're into the second full week of the new year, and we find ourselves anxiously looking ahead for the next big holiday. It's a vicious cycle, and before you know it, we'll be getting ready for yet another holiday season! But there are many things that'll take place way before then, so let's slow our roll just a bit, shall we?!

Christmas is, and always will be, a great holiday, especially to a couple of fun-loving toddlers! This past Christmas was no different. Both Makenna & Isaiah greatly anticipated this one though, as they developed a better understanding of the whole "Santa Claus" thing! It was a lot more fun to see them light up whenever we brought up the topic of old Saint Nick and the idea that he had a naughty and nice list. Of course that brought out some of the best behavior in the two of them, but that's not to say that they didn't test us at times! Then again, at this age, what kid doesn't disobey every once in a while?! Aside from walking the fine line between naughty and nice, the kids enjoyed themselves this season. Makenna especially learned to tell us, almost on a daily basis, exactly what she wanted from Santa for Christmas. And she was fairly specific too, down to the type and color! Not bad for an almost-three year old. Isaiah just went with the flow, and was excited in general. Whenever Makenna would get excited about something, he would act the same, even though he didn't know what all the excitement was about!

When it came down to Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, the kids were speechless! They thought the gifts were limitless, and that they would never end! What more can I say? The Christmas season through the eyes of two young children is full of priceless memories, and we can't wait until Christmas of 2010!!

The Camero ladies bake cookies for Santa's arrival!
Makenna's Christmas dress
Opening gifts on Christmas Eve

Isaiah's models his safety goggles from his Home Depot workbench
More Christmas Eve gifts
The silly Camero men

The kids reluctantly say "goodbye" to Christmas (the day we put the tree away)

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