Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Season 2009

So its been nearly one month since my last update, and quite a lot has gone on. Its not for a lack of trying that I haven't been able to update, just been really busy. But then, that's basically how life is, especially with two rapidly-growing "little" ones!

Thanksgiving was definitely one of the longer days this past month. After starting the morning early to get the turkey ready for our family, we headed off to church. After mass, we started the eating festivities with Enza's side of the family first. It didn't take long for Isaiah to show signs of tiring out, so he let us know that he was ready for a nap by mid afternoon! Makenna was a little more stubborn, and avoided her nap for fear of missing out on all the action. Who would've known our little girl would be so hard headed, so young! HA! After winding down party #1, it was off to party #2 with my side of the family. And since party #2 included extended family & family friends, it was a lot more chaotic. The kids had a great time playing with all of the other kids in the family, and it gave us adults more time to relax without too much worry. All in all, Thanksgiving was fun for the entire family, allowing us to spend time with both sides!

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, the kids have been all about Santa Claus. They love having the tree up in the house, and have done their very best to not touch it, and not play with what they're not supposed to! Sure we do catch them slipping every now and then, but hey, they're both kids, and their curiosity is bound to get the best of them every time!

We're definitely looking forward to watching the kids light up when they get to tear into their gifts this year, especially since they've been doing their best to remain on Santa's "nice" list! More details and pictures to come, stay tuned!

Isaiah hanging out near the Christmas tree @ Santana Row

Makenna doing her best to remain off the "naughty" list Thanksgiving 2009
Zae & Kenna cheesin' it up

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