Friday, February 13, 2009


After a long and full week, we're ready for the weekend! While our last weekend was full of children's birthday parties, this weekend we plan to relax and just enjoy ourselves. Plus, it's a long weekend to boot! Who could ask for anything more?!

Well things have definitely changed since Isaiah started walking. He's been on the prowl for new stuff to get into, stuff he wasn't able to see while crawling. And while Makenna hasn't gotten into too much trouble, she's finding it easier to do so now that she's got her tag team partner up on two feet. If there's something to be found, you can believe that the two of them will find it. And when they do find something new, it gets really quiet, so we know something's up! That's not to say that they're mischievous, but more like we need to keep on our toes to make sure they're both safe and sound. I've both looked forward to, and dreaded the day that these two would literally be running around the house. Now let's see if our fitness is up to par with that of our two little energizer bunnies! Have a great weekend & Happy Valentine's Day!

Isaiah attempting to multi-task (drink milk while standing)

Our own "Makenna in the box"


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