Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hump Day

So now that Isaiah's found his groove, he's got a totally different attitude. It's almost as if he knows the freedom and independence that walking provides. As I've mentioned before, he's getting into a lot more stuff around the house now that he's able to take off on his own. But that doesn't last too long because Makenna is quick to put her little brother in check with a loud "no Zae Zae!" That usually sets him off and he'll start crying until he gets his way! Sound familiar? I think he picked up that little trick from his big sister =) We're hoping that it's just a phase they go through, otherwise we'll have to lay the smack down (figuratively, of course)! Isaiah has also found Marino interesting once again, especially since he's now at eye level with the dog! Marino still makes attempts to lick Isaiah's face, but Isaiah can push him away with both hands now rather than trying his best to crawl away. The little man also figured out that Marino loves to eat, and at times, we've caught him purposely dropping his food for the dog! I'm guessing that's another little gem he learned from big sis!

Makenna has been non-stop chatterbox lately, and it's not due to an increase in sugar. She seems genuinely excited about turning two in a couple of weeks, and already knows what kind of party she's having. If you ask her, she gets this look of sheer excitement on her face! Lately she's had nothing but love for everyone, and gives random kisses out, but doesn't stop there. Now she's making requests with her new line "hug too?" How can anyone resist when little ones ask for affection? Too cute! Kenna is also in her "me do it" phase, and likes to show us that she's capable of doing something once she sets her mind to it. Then when she gets into a bind it's all about "daddy help you" or "mommy help you." Of course we know she's asking "daddy or mommy help me," but since she hears us ask "daddy or mommy help YOU" she thinks you refers to her. Even when we show her pictures of herself and ask her who she is, she'll respond with "you!" Too funny how children's minds work!

Marino waiting for Isaiah to feed him
Kenna rockin' mommy's beanie

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