Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy 9 months Isaiah!

How time flies, and that's the truth when we come to realize that Isaiah is 9 months old today - just 3 months shy of hitting the one year mark. WOW! The little big man hasn't been himself these last few days, as he came down with a bit of a virus. Makenna, too, was a bit under the weather, but seemed to pull out of it faster than Isaiah. Perhaps its the fact that he's younger and unable to express exactly what's bothering him? Who knows? But these last few days have been tough on the kids and us as well. When they don't sleep, we don't sleep, and when we don't sleep, tempers flare! Hopefully the little big man has seen the worst of it, and things pick up soon. Last night was actually a better night than the previous few, although he did wake once pretty early this morning. He was able to soothe himself back to sleep which meant we were able to get back to sleep too =) For now, we'll keep an eye on him, but it looks as though his spirits are lifting! Happy 9 months young man, and Happy Hump Day!

Flexing his 9 month old guns...

A bit lethargic, but still in good spirits... Makenna's feeling better, and has a smile to prove it!

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