Thursday, November 13, 2008

Growing children...

So it's been about a week since I've been able to post anything new on the kids, so it's kind of hard to remember what they've done or gone through. The little big man has developed quite an appetite as of late, but then again, that's really nothing new. He's starting to eat a lot more solid foods, as we've been giving him a taste of things to come. Isaiah really likes pasta with chicken broth, and can eat that until it comes out of his ears! It's almost as if he doesn't realize that he's full, and the only way we know to stop is when he's got that "glazed over, food coma" look. If we don't pay close attention to that, he'll just keep opening his mouth! He also enjoys potatoes, regular or sweet purple, lentils and rice, and breads of any kind. Looks like he's really into his carbs! It's all good, he needs it for all the activity he's been going through lately. This kid loves to be mobile, more so than Makenna at this age, although he has yet to master a real crawl. He's still stuck with the belly crawl, but he's damn fast!

Isaiah's new thing is that he's into standing up. We finally put away his activity center to allow him to gain more strength in his legs as he learns to stand on his own. After a long crawl across the room (or the house for that matter), he still finds the strength to pull himself up to the standing position to play with whatever he has available at that height. And Makenna's loving the fact that he's upright as well! At times she overwhelms him with her shrieks of delight and then he'll start crying because he gets startled. She just really wants to be able to play with him so badly!

Makenna is a trip, plain and simple. She continues to develop such a strong personality it's unreal. Talking to her is like talking to a little adult. We can see in her eyes that she can understand what we're telling her, and we're amazed at how quickly she's learning new things. Lately she's been trying to put words together in sentences, and although she's only doing a couple at a time, we really can't believe she's already at this phase. Gone are the days of seeing her smile when we come home. Now that's replaced with a delightful "Hi Daddy" or "Hi Mommy!" And after a long day at work, that's one of the sweetest things to hear!

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