Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Silly kids...

The kids continue to be themselves, and next week, they get a full dose of both parents (or should I say that we get a full dose of the kids?). Either way, the four of us get to hang out together for more than just a weekend, so that'll be fun. We can't believe that Isaiah will be hitting the 5 month mark next week! He's already changing his habits, and finds it easier to soothe himself as he sleeps on his belly at night. He hasnt' quite made the transition as smoothly as we expected, but it's only his first few days, so I guess we should be a little more patient with him.

Makenna has been learning to push her boundaries, and understands what the words "yes & no" mean. She's getting into her no phase, and will let us know when she doesn't want something by turning her head and even saying something that sounds like no. But when she wants something, it's all kisses and being all cutesy, complete with the eyelash batting. UGH! Who teaches girls this stuff?! Happy Wednesday!

Isaiah flashing his pearly gums

Makenna loves chocolate

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