Sunday, June 08, 2008

Exciting weekend for the kids...

So this was a nice & relaxing weekend for the kids, the majority of it spent with Daddy. While that's not a big deal in itself, it was more for Mommy just getting out and having some much deserved time to herself. It's all good, the kids didn't know the difference, as long as they had one of us around, they just went about their merry business.

Friday was my day with the kids since Grandma wasn't able to watch them, and Enz was at work. It wasn't my first time home with them alone, but it was my first in a while. The kids were angels, as they always are! HA!

On Saturday we took the kids to a birthday party at the park. It turned out to be a fun day for the both of them, with Isaiah taking in all the sights and everyone touching his cheeks, and Makenna, our little socialite, little Miss Independent, doing her best to keep up with the big kids! She had a blast because they had a petting zoo and pony cart rides. She was the biggest "little" kid on the pony ride who didn't cry, go figure! It's fun to watch Kenna play with other kids because we get to see how friendly she is. Whenever she encounters other kids, especially ones her age, she always attempts to make eye contact first. Once she's established that, then she tries to give the other kids kisses! As cute as that looks, we're also trying to let her know that it's not necessary to kiss other kids, besides, maybe some of them aren't brought up that way. It's all about personal space, and just because she kisses everyone in her family, doesn't mean it translates that way into the playground! Especially around boys! I'm sure that'll come later, so I'm just preparing myself now =) Nevertheless, it just shows us how loving this little one has become!
our little socialite

a meeting with the pony

For Isaiah, he was just in awe of his surroundings, and seemed to have lost track of time. His nap schedule was thrown off with all the commotion, and it was hard for him to concentrate on eating with everything going on around him. With that, we expected an extremely fussy little boy. But for some reason, he maintained his cool, and just soaked everything in. I put him in the baby carrier and toted him around so he could enjoy the view from an upright position. He loved it, and didn't cry once (thank God)!

a new perspective hanging out with Daddy

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