Thursday, January 17, 2008

Musically Inclined

From the time Makenna was still in Mommy's belly (it wasn't too long ago), she always seemed to react to music. Whether it was a cd playing in the stereo, or when Enz was driving to work, Kenna would kick and move, as if to the beat. Since she's really into Barney & her Baby Einstein dvd's, its only obvious that she gets a kick out of the music and songs on her shows.

To further add to her love of music, she received a lot of musical toys on her first Christmas. I think the little piano is her favorite, with her drum coming in a near second. Whenever she plays with one or the other, it almost seems as if she's playing with such a great passion and love for the "music" she's making. Then again, its almost like any other kid, making noise & enjoying it! Nonetheless, we always try to join her as the Camero Family Band. I especially get a kick out of the piano and find myself using it more than Kenna! HA! I took piano lessons as a kid, but that was for a brief minute, so I'm kicking myself for not having the discipline to stick with it.
If Kenna keeps on this path with her love of music, we'll definitely look into putting her in some lessons, depending on what she likes best. Only time will tell...

On another note, Enza started her weekly appointments yesterday, and everything was normal. Baby Coconut has yet to start to drop, although Enz has felt a bit of relief as her heartburn has let up this past week. We're really in the final stretch now, and the doctor noticed my "nervous laugh" yesterday. Hehehehe, who can blame me? Our world is about to be turned upside down for the second time.... Anyway, all is well with Coconut, so we'll keep everyone posted if anything changes.

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