Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Final Countdown...

Wow, we're really down to the wire now. A week from today, Enz is scheduled for a c-section and our baby boy will be here with us! Getting up to this point, the time moved quickly, and now that we're down to the final week, it seems as if time has all but stopped. At home, we're getting overly anxious, and there's only so much we can do to prepare for our new arrival.

Enz, being the trooper that she is, hasn't let up one bit. You would think that she's only in the middle of the pregnancy by the way she just keeps moving. At night, though, she gets tired early, and all of her constant motion catches up with her. Don't get me wrong, she's more than ready to deliver this baby, we're just playing the waiting game until next week.

One interesting fact that was brought to my attention, is Chinese New Year. For those who have followed this blog, you may remember that Makenna was born during the Year of the Golden Pig, an occurrence that takes place once every 60 years. Being born under that sign is supposed to bring you good fortune, and Makenna has done just that! The next Chinese New Year begins at the end of next week. Now, I may be pushing it a little, but since Baby Coconut is scheduled to grace us with his presence on the 5th, or sooner if it's in the cards, then that means we'll have TWO children born under the Golden Pig sign. How fortunate is that! Neither Enza or myself believe that we'll hit the lottery because of this, but we both look at it on a much more spiritual level. To us, the great fortune is being given the opportunity to have such a wonderful family, blessed with wonderful children!

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