Monday, June 11, 2007

First cold

Another first for little Kenna this weekend-she got her first cold... Add to that the fact that she has just started teething, and we've got one irritable baby! We've gotten used to her while she's teething; she's constantly searching for something to chew on, and she appears to drool more than Marino!
Watching little Kenna as she tries to go about her business makes us feel so bad for her. She's having a hard time breathing as she's really congested. Her nose gets runny every now and then, and she's not her normal happy-go-lucky self. While we try to keep her entertained, we know she's not 100%. It's most apparent when we try to put her down for a nap, or even to bed for the night. She has a hard time staying asleep, and it seems no matter what we do for her, she's just uncomfortable.
Hopefully what she's got will just run its course and taper off quickly, so we can have our happy little Kenna back to normal!

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