Monday, June 04, 2007

Coming full circle

Kenna never ceases to amaze us, and even though she does a lot of the same stuff on a daily basis, I had the pleasure of witnessing the little one do something new. We've only had her activity center out for a week or so, and she just started to pick up some new coordination in her arms, allowing her to reach out and make contact with the individual toys.

This evening after placing her in the center, I noticed that she started to turn a little. That's not really anything new since Enz has seen her turn from toy to toy-although her movement was limited because the toys were beside one another. Today, she started from one end, and made a full 360 degree circle around the entire activity center, all on her own! What a trip to watch! She's still a little on the short side so her toes barely reach the surface. We folded a towel to help with the reach issue, and this time took her socks off. I think she was able to grip with her toes and that allowed her to make more progress as she journeyed within her little circle....

Of course, once her tour was over, she was a bit on the cranky side. It must've taken a lot out of the little one!

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