Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little Monkeys

So our little monkeys have been keeping us on our toes as of late with their brilliant personalities, bright dispositions, and winning smiles =) Of course I'm not gushing on the kids just because they're mine, but its what I see in them that puts a big smile on my face every day. Sure they have their ups and downs, and there are definitely days where I'd be pulling my hair out (if I didn't already shave it)! But honestly, what kid out there doesn't have a bad side to even out their good side?! It's all a part of growing up, so we end up taking each day with a grain of salt. For the most part, the kids just keep on growing and developing, and it's still a great sight to see the two of them go through their growth stages!
Isaiah never wants to be "the smelly kid"

Conquering her fear of the vacuum cleaner, Makenna lends a hand...

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