Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm 9 months old today!

Today is Kenna's 9 month birthday, and she just keeps on changing. She's really into her independence, although I never thought I'd be saying that at 9 months old! She's gotten the hang of standing up on her own, and we always catch her in the upright position. The pace of her crawl has quickened, and she knows that she'll move faster if she uses her army crawl. Now she's getting pretty daring, and we find her standing up and balancing without holding onto anything. She's had her share of spills, but unless it looks or sounds really bad, we try not to react in a way that'll make her a sissy. Hehehe, just kidding!

We've seen her take a few steps, but that's while she was still holding onto the couch. She's also mastered going from the standing position to the sitting position. Its funny to watch her balance and then bend at the waist so that gravity pulls her down on her butt, and then its business as usual. This kid is going to make a great big sister with her care-free attitude and persistence!

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