Monday, May 28, 2007

What a cute little boy you have?

Makenna had a very exciting holiday weekend. While we took her shopping, we debated on a good time to get Kenna's ears pierced. Her doctor suggested that we wait until she's at least 6 months, due to the high risk of infection. Now we thought about it, and thought about it, and after hearing one last comment on how cute our little "boy" was, we finally decided that she was ready. Besides, we figured that since it would be our responsibility to keep her ears clean, then it would be a direct reflection on us if her ears were to get infected.

Kenna was all smiles when we got to the jewelry stand. We almost had second thoughts since she was in such a great mood, but then we also didn't want to hear any more comments referring to Kenna as a little boy, especially with all the pink she wears! Once Enz got over the anxiety of putting Kenna through a bit of pain, and then picking out her miniature "bling," we finally had it done. The worst part of it wasn't when her ears were being pierced, but she really got cranky when Enz had to hold her head steady. Go figure!

Afterwards, Kenna was back to her chipper little self. She even drew a small crowd of curious onlookers, all anxious to see her reaction to the piercing, as well as the final product. So far, everyone who has seen her, loves her new look, and in retrospect, we have no regrets!

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